Con Bro Chill Brings The Party

Friday February 22nd we’ve got Oakland’s own Wallpaper. back at Slim’s, splitting the headlining bill with Oregon’s Con Bro Chill. Who is Con Bro Chill, you ask? Well…frontman Connor Martin is a professional lacrosse player by day and a neon-clad, laser-blasting, keytar shredding, electro-goof party-wrecker by night. These guys are all about having fun, acting a fool and making you dance until you drop and it’s gonna be a blast. I could go on, but you should probably just watch the video instead…

About Chris Oldaker

Chris Oldaker is a 15 year native of the Bay Area (by way of Los Angeles) who obsesses over weird electronic music and old disco/electro funk records. He produces music under the aliases moto-SLAVE, Com-S and Cats On Earth. When he's not doing that, he's doing this.

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