Artist Spotlight: The Surgeon Generals

Experimental, elegant, and tastefully gritty doesn’t even begin to describe San Francisco’s The Surgeon Generals’ 2011 self titled album. This band brings back classic tones that once thrived in the Bay Area rock scene throughout the ’80s, as well as the airiness of ’90s shoegaze, reminiscent of the British band Ride. Their newest releases on Light Rail Records continues to blend these elements together, creating something enticing and adding an eagerness to hear what else they have planned for the future.

The Surgeon Generals are co-headlining at Slim’s with fellow indie pop/shoegazers Vela Eyes on January 17th along side Ghost Parade and Lemme Adams.

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Victoria Stuhr is a lifetime East Bay Area resident who holds a strong affinity to mixed cds, dogs, and all things coffee.

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