BYMJ Podcast #6: SF Weekly’s Ian Port

The effects of the “tech boom” are everywhere. Clubs are closing, musicians are fleeing for LA, Portland or Oakland, artists have been priced out. Is San Francisco’s music scene dying? Chris sits down with Ian Port, Music Editor for the SF Weekly about the changing face of SF’s art scene and what we can all do to ensure its survival.

And, as always – TRIVIA! At the end of every episode you can answer our trivia questions to win cool prizes. Get on it!

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About Chris Oldaker

Chris Oldaker is a 15 year native of the Bay Area (by way of Los Angeles) who obsesses over weird electronic music and old disco/electro funk records. He produces music under the aliases moto-SLAVE, Com-S and Cats On Earth. When he's not doing that, he's doing this.

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