Anti-Flag: Celebrating 10 Years Of "The Terror State"

333 11th St

San Francisco, CA 94103


With: La Plebe, Great Apes, NMBRSTTN

Friday Jan 2, 2015 @ Slim's

DOORS - 7:00pm / SHOW - 8:00pm


PRICE : $18.00
Dinner & Admission: $42.95
Door Price: $20.00

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Mission Accomplished? For the political and corporate elite who benefit from endless wars, maybe. But with another round of bombing in Iraq in 2014 it’s hard not to experience a troubled feeling of deja vu to the days leading up to the Invasion of Iraq in 2003.

The songs of The Terror State were written in the midst of the anti-war movement of that era and continue to remind us that, whether it is Bush or Obama, U.S. wars of aggression and imperialism result in the loss of innocent life and catastrophe at home and abroad. It is clear that the fight to end wars for corporate and political gain is not over.

The handful of shows around our Pennywise dates will serve as a creative outlet to direct that frustration and anger and will be a collective celebration of those unwilling to relent to the criminal and morally bankrupt corporate and political elite of our time.