859 O'Farrell St.

San Francisco, CA 94109


With: Seahaven

Thursday Oct 24, 2013 @ GAMH

DOORS - 8:00pm / SHOW - 9:00pm


PRICE : $20.00
Dinner & Admission: $44.95

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Indie-rockers with an emotional core to their music as well as a post-hardcore adrenalin rush, Knapsack formed around two high-school pals studying at University of California at Davis.

Vocalist/guitarist Blair Shehan and drummer Colby Mancasola both grew up in nearby Redding, and in mid-1993 they formed the group, originally featuring guitarist Jason Bokros and bassist Rod Meyer. By 1994, Knapsack had released a seven-inch single on the San Diego label Goldenrod, and thanks to an incessant tour schedule, the quartet signed with Alias Records by May of that year. Their debut album, "Silver Sweepstakes," appeared in April 1995, followed by tours with acts such as Pavement, Jawbox, Drive Like Jehu and Rocket from the Crypt. Bokros left the group during the recording of their sophomore effort, "Day Three of My New Life," which was finished as a three piece and released in early 1997.

Knapsack replaced Bokros with Sergie Loobkoff (of Samiam), toured relentlessly and released "This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now" a year later. Meyer left the during the tracking of "This Conversation…" but the band never official replaced him. The band peacefully disbanded in 2000 and Shehan started The Jealous Sound.

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