Return to The ’90s feat: Geezer (seniors tribute to Weezer & Beastie Boys), Frosted Tips (’90s hits)

859 O'Farrell St.

San Francisco, CA 94109


Presented by: Magnetic Talent
With: Rocksteady: tribute to No Doubt, Rage Against Florence and The Machine: tribute to Rage Against The Machine

Saturday Jul 20, 2013 @ GAMH

DOORS - 7:30pm / SHOW - 8:00pm


PRICE : $15.00
Dinner & Admission: $39.95

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Geezer gives you rock & roll numbers the way they were meant to be done: by senior citizens. The band combines all of the excitement of the 1890s with the nostalgia of the long-forgotten era of the 1990s, as done by musicians in their nineties. Jaws drop and dentures chatter when Geezer swings spot-on Weezer & Beastie Boys hits and then mixes them up mid-song with bits of tunes by everyone from MGMT and Dr. Dre to Buddy Holly and the Beatles. Nurses, naps, hard candy and medication are all in a night’s work for the world’s oldest coverband.

In 2008 Geezer actually played onstage with Weezer at San Diego’s Cox Arena and appeared briefly in their music video for ‘I’m Your Daddy.’

This rockin’ senior combo draws swarms of grandchildren to the biggest and best clubs and events in southern California, from the mega New Year’s Eve party Big Night San Diego to the Anaheim House of Blues and the Hollywood Hard Rock Cafe. They are simply and modestly the greatest, funniest, sleepiest, most unique coverband on earth.

Whether you need classic rock, ’80s hits, hip-hop standards or alternarock anthems, there’s only one band worth getting – Geezer.


The ’70s had disco. The ’80s had cocaine. But the ’90s had frosted tips – which is the namesake for San Francisco’s favorite ’90s cover band. These five flannel-loving heartbreakers have been fighting for your right to party since they were in college playing livingroom shows. Now, with a refined look back at some of the best crowd pleasing jams, they’ve curated a setlist that will make your voice go out and your nostalgia-nerves get all feely.