Face Jam

333 11th St

San Francisco, CA 94103


With: EaSWay

Friday May 3, 2013 @ Slim's

DOORS - 8:00pm / SHOW - 9:00pm


PRICE : $15.00
Dinner & Admission: $39.95

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The charismatic duo, Gordy Webb and Jon Anderson, formed Face Jam in Early 2012. These two 16 year olds both shared a passion for music with particular interest in hip-hop and electronic music since a young age. Jon, born and raised in San Francisco, has been producing primarily electronic music under the name of ClayJay for quite a while before teaming up with Gordy. Born in Amherst MA, and raised in San Francisco, Gordy had also been making hip-hop beats and mash-ups for much of his young adult life but neither of them took music production and mixing very seriously. Once Face Jam was created, Gordy and Jon both started to focus more time on music than they had before. Taking inspiration from Super Mash Bros and Girl Talk, Jon and Gordy started experimenting with new techniques and different styles of music in their mash-ups, and began to develop their own sound. In February of 2013, Face Jam released their first EP titled "Uncrustables" containing 7 mash-ups, and plan to release a full album soon.