Mariee Sioux

859 O'Farrell St.

San Francisco, CA 94109


Presented by: Seaweed Sway
With: Alela Diane, Conspiracy Of Venus

Thursday May 2, 2013 @ GAMH

DOORS - 7:30pm / SHOW - 8:30pm


PRICE : $16.00
Dinner & Admission: $40.95

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Ok, so Mariee Sioux’s new record, Gift for the End, was released basically a year ago. But there was never a Bay Area record release party! (See below for more of the story why.) Mariee has invited her good friend and fellow Nevada City songwriter Alela Diane to join her in a rare combination, a tour de force if you will. Will you?

Also rounding off this amazing bill is Conspiracy of Venus, an all-women choir singing some of the greatest songs ever written!

What an amazing woman-powered event! Not to be missed, obviously.

Below is a bit more of the story, starting with some words from Mariee herself:

So glad this can happen! Sometimes releasing a record in this day and age can be a very weird experience. This was no exception. But i am looking past all the failures of the current music business, and its trappings, and basically saying "F it!" – a year later, despite all the strangeness and difficulties, let’s release this record, that I and my loved ones worked hard on – in an official way, in a beautiful and intentionally pleasant show.

Come one, come all… let’s celebrate together, the amazing feat of grinding the music and art out of our SELVES in this day and age!!

I am so happy that Alela and I can convene and sing together on the same night! We have been rubbing elbows since we were tiny kids!

Hell yes – bring your friends. God is Alive!!! Magic is Afoot!!!!!

The album, Gift for the End, was recorded in Placerville, and also at Alela’s Dad Tom’s studio in Nevada City. It was made by lovers, Mariee Sioux & Sean Kae as a couple recording it, mainly. (The album was written by Mariee and arranged by Sean.) Grass Roots Records officially went defunct in the middle of recording Gift for the End, which put a dent in the progress. It was really difficult in the climate of the music world to find anyone to release it.

"I definitely did not want to rush anything during the process. Also after GR Records informed me they would not longer exist and were leaving the rest up to me to finish (which ended up being the best thing that could have happened) I had to work part time for a while, then go back to the project. So the time working on it got pretty split up…"

Mariee had to make an online donation campaign to buy the rights back from Grass Roots Records. Now, finally, San Francisco gets a chance to celebrate the release of a beautiful album, Gift for the End, made through love, patience, more love, and hard work, at a venue that is fitting for such a worthy occasion.

Alela Diane will be coming into town from Portland to share in the celebration and support long-time friend Mariee Sioux. We believe Alela’s last SF show was October 2009, and her last Bay Area show was June 2010. So, it’s been awhile since she’s graced this town with her presence and songs…

Conspiracy of Venus is a women’s community a’cappella group based in SF. Under the artistic direction of Joyce Todd McBride, the 30 women of CoV interpret McBride’s daring and inventive arrangements of songs ranging from the classic (Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi) to the cutting edge (Bjork’s Possibly Maybe), with dazzling technical verve and a true love of the songs they sing. The group’s repertoire also includes works by Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Rufus Wainwright, and newly… David Bowie’s Life on Mars. As well as a couple of originals by Director Joyce Todd McBride.