Tornado Rider

333 11th St

San Francisco, CA 94103


Presented by: Lommori Productions
With: Full On Flyhead, Hell Fire, Stone Roots

Saturday Apr 13, 2013 @ Slim's

DOORS - 8:00pm / SHOW - 9:00pm


PRICE : $14.00
Dinner & Admission: $38.95

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"Tornado Rider is a powerful bird band of swirling goat god victory, that lurks in the spooky forest regions and yells out over the mountains, glicking the gunt of Nairobi into the fortress of Norwegian butt-death, and taking the slippers and the coffee and the potato farm earnestness into the NOW."

That is how San Francisco band, Tornado Rider, has chosen to describe their sound since day 1, and there still is no better way to describe them. Tornado Rider’s music has awakened a new consciousness in music with their fusion of rock, punk, bluegrass, metal, and classical, in a celebration of the things that really matter to people: having fun. Tornado Rider’s uniqueness also stems from the fact that their brand of music, dubbed "Sneth Rock," only utilizes an electric cello, bass guitar and drums to create their colorful world of escape into playful happiness and release.