Tornado Rider / Battlehooch (co-headlining)

859 O'Farrell St.

San Francisco, CA 94109


Presented by: Roundmusic
With: Kill Moi, Sporting Life, DJ Whats His F*ck

Friday Jun 8, 2012 @ GAMH

DOORS - 7:30pm / SHOW - 8:00pm


PRICE : $13.00
Dinner & Admission : $37.95

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"Tornado Rider is a powerful bird band of swirling goat god victory, that lurks in the spooky forest regions and yells out over the mountains, glicking the gunt of Nairobi into the fortress of Norwegian butt-death, and taking the slippers and the coffee and the potato farm earnestness into the NOW."

That is how San Francisco band, Tornado Rider, has chosen to describe their sound since day 1, and there still is no better way to describe them. Tornado Rider’s music has awakened a new consciousness in music with their fusion of rock, punk, bluegrass, metal, and classical, in a celebration of the things that really matter to people: having fun. Tornado Rider’s uniqueness also stems from the fact that their brand of music, dubbed "Sneth Rock", only utilizes an electric cello, bass guitar and drums to create their colorful world of escape into playful happiness and release.

Formed in May of 2008, Tornado Rider is the brainchild of enigmatic lead singer and cello player, Rushad Eggleston. Brought up on a steady diet of classical, bluegrass, folk, and rock music, Dr. Seuss, Lewis Carroll, philosophy, and the wild and mysterious woods that he frequented, Eggelston’s imagination and creativity have always been rooted in art and the natural state of the world.

A Grammy nominated artist, Eggleston worked his way around various instruments including rock and bluegrass guitar, violin, and eventually found a soul mate in the form of the cello. After graduating from Berklee School of Music in Boston with a cello scholarship, Eggleston had his hand in a number of bands, namely Fiddler’s Four with Darol Anger, and Crooked Still. In November of 2008, he decided it was time he found his own band; one that would be a vehicle to unleash what was in his head and soul.

After hooking up with friends in the Bay Area, bassist Graham Terry and drummer Scott Manke, Eggleston felt that Tornado Rider was at last complete with the right partners who could not only help him spread his gospel of feeling good and mischievousness but also open their minds enough to embody the very messages of their unique songs.


Battlehooch unabashedly walks the line between pop sensibility and avant garde experimentation, bending the chaotic into the melodic and evoking passionate responses in everyone that hears them. Battlehooch describes their sound as "shape-shifting orchestral rock," characterizing the band’s tendency to write stylistically varied songs with unique arrangements, and their ability to adapt to any performance environment.

During the latter half of 2010, Battlehooch expanded their national audience with a 4-month American odyssey, playing in 40 different cities in 38 states. Video footage collected by each band member has been providing raw material for both an episodic tour documentary and the Desolation Video series of live off-the-grid performances in remote, iconic locations. Visit the Battlehooch YouTube channel to see the lads playing in unlikely venues ranging from an abandoned car factory to a southern swamp.

After 15,000 miles of road-testing new material, the band is now back at their headquarters in the foggy outskirts of San Francisco. They are currently engaged in their most ambitious recording project to date.

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