The Brothers Comatose (CD Release Party!)

859 O'Farrell St.

San Francisco, CA 94109


Presented by: Performer Magazine
With: Sioux City Kid, Tiny Television

Saturday May 19, 2012 @ GAMH

DOORS - 8:00pm / SHOW - 9:00pm


PRICE : $15.00
Dinner & Admission : $39.95

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"Hailing from San Francisco, scrappy string band The Brothers Comatose are one of Americana’s most entertaining up-and-coming acts. Sophomore album Respect the Van is chock-full of infectious, high-energy songs, making it a perfect summer soundtrack for roadtrips and backyard barbecues." Engine 145

"Right off the bat, this is a ground-level, populist, good times, melodically infectious CD, bluegrass with very strong folk overtones…or perhaps folk with very strong bluegrass overtones, hard to tell where the lines are drawn (the band prefers the latter, and I’m certainly not inclined to argue ’cause the blend is letter perfect)"

"Their latest and second full-length, Respect The Van, finds this exceptional quintet cruising with a full tank and thumping on all cylinders…This one is a winner" Awaiting The Flood & No Depression

"If you don’t get up off of that thing when you listen to this band, then you’re a zombie."
New Folk Radio

"It’s bluegrass, man; it’s folk, old-time, and country; it’s "A Damn Good Time with No BS!" Dirty Hippie Radio

"The Brothers Comatose play high-energy, traditional sounding string band / roots music in the same vein as the Avette Brothers, and with the same modern sensibility. They aren’t playing for the 1860’s. They are playing for today. Songs about modern temptations and modern decadence. Highlights for me are "Feels Like The Devil," "Modern Day Sinners," and "Pie For Breakfast." Taproot Radio

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