Secret Chiefs 3 / Dengue Fever

859 O'Farrell St.

San Francisco, CA 94109


Thursday Feb 2, 2012 @ GAMH

DOORS - 7:30pm / SHOW - 8:30pm


PRICE : $20.00
Dinner & Admission : $44.95

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"…an outside-the-box journey into sights and sounds from far and deep into the imagination, and a fascinating antidote to the often stultifying dearth of vision and ambition in so much rock music today."
-Daniel Lukes, Lollipop

"…Secret Chiefs 3 have existed in various incarnations over the course of the past eight years, and have served as the funnel for Spruance’s remarkably far-flung studies of the hermetic mysteries and musical traditions of unknown and underappreciated subgenres. Album titles like Grand Constitution and Bylaws and Book M hint at the music’s vaguely metaphysical bent. Over three years in the making, Book of Horizons is Secret Chiefs’ most expansive and coherent statement, an alchemical fusion of Morricone-esque cinematic grandeur, midnight surf guitar, traditional Middle Eastern rhythms and time signatures, demonic death metal, and electronic deviance that yields a work of undeniable force."
-Jonathan Zwickel, Pitchfork

"Cast the clear light of alchemical truth through the graphically enhanced occult fog, and you’ll find an album fluffed full of magick, mystery, and densely orchestrated mosque-rocking beats."
-Richard Gehr, Village Voice


DENGUE FEVER’s psychedelic take on the Cambodian pop sounds of the 60s makes them one of rock’n’roll’s most unique stories. Their Asian Psychedelic sound draws enthusiastic crowds from LA to the UK , from Maui to Moscow, and leaves critics rummaging through their thesauruses looking for new superlatives to describe their music. named their album, Escape From Dragon House, the #1 international release for 2005, cementing their position as a global phenomenon. In England, Mojo named Escape to their Top 10 World Music releases of 2006. In Rolling Stone’s best of the decade issue, Kirk Hammett of Metallica named Dengue Fever "Thousand Tears of a Tarantula" as the second best song of the decade.

Brothers Ethan (keyboards) and Zac (guitar) Holtzman started Dengue Fever in 2001 when they discovered they shared a love for the Cambodian pop music of the 60s. After adding sax man David Ralicke (Beck/Brazzaville), drummer Paul Smith and bassist Senon Williams, they went looking for a Cambodian singer. Enter Chhom Nimol, who performed regularly for the King and Queen of Cambodia . Her powerful singing, marked by a luminous vibrato that adds exotic ornamentations to her vocal lines, and hypnotic stage moves based on traditional dances, complimented the band’s driving Cambodian/American sound.

Secret Chiefs 3 - The End Times by SlimsPresents Dengue Fever - Cement Slippers by SlimsPresents