859 O'Farrell St.

San Francisco, CA 94109


With: Graffiti6

Thursday Jan 19, 2012 @ GAMH

DOORS - 8:00pm / SHOW - 9:00pm


PRICE : $16.00
Dinner & Admission : $40.95

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Augustana has grown up tremendously over the past three years, touring relentlessly while supporting Epic debut All the Stars and Boulevards (which reached #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart) and hit single "Boston." Inking a producer before they’d been seriously tested before an audience, and finding themselves in the recording studio tracking a major-label debut before the masses knew who they were, the band had to grow into the ambitious blueprint they’d set out for themselves, and grow they did.

The results of the time in the trenches are found on "Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt," the band’s assured follow-up.

Augustana - Steal Your Heart by SlimsPresents