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Slim’s Presents


Nile, Mystic Rage

Friday Feb 24, 2017
Doors @ 8:00pm / Show @ 9:00pm

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Nobody opens their favorite beer and wonders what it will taste like.

Experimentation, stylistic departures, overtures toward the mainstream? That’s somebody else’s game. In a time before MTV’s abysmal “Jersey Shore” or HBO’s magnificent “The Sopranos,” New Jersey blessed the world with Overkill. A heavy metal institution established at the forefront of the burgeoning American thrash movement, with one boot in the gutter and one fist railing against the polish of lesser pretenders.

Their album White Devil Armory is as vital, powerful, aggressive and melodic as any of the albums in Overkill’s ridiculously impressive back catalog, which stretches over 16 slabs of genre defining and redefining molten metal. The crunch is unmistakable. The voice is irreplaceable. Get less than a minute into White Devil Armory and it’s clear it’s Overkill. No pretense, no musical red herrings. This is tried and true, always trusted thrash metal.

“We don’t have an identity crisis,” declares frontman and metal lifer Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth. “We know what we are. We do this because we like it, first and foremost. We’re not sitting there thinking about what’s popular when we’re writing a song, we’re thinking about what kills. It’s not rocket science. It’s about action, rather than reaction.”