The Sword @ Slim’s w/ Big Jesus

Door 8 / Show 9 The Sword released their first ever live album, Greetings From…, on May 5th. The band recorded all of the shows on their Fall 2016 support tour with Opeth and chose nine songs to make up the track listing on the album. To support the release of the album, the band […]

The Sword @ Slim’s
w/ Royal Thunder

Door 8pm / Show 9pm There’s an unspoken edict handed down through the ages when it comes to rock bands: there are no rules. Nobody picks up a guitar to be constricted or oppressed. It’s all about feeling free artistically. Now, The Sword—John Cronise [vocals, guitar], Kyle Shutt [guitar], Bryan Richie [bass], and Santiago Vela […]

Vanessa Carlton @ GAMH
w/ Tristen, Skye Steele

Door 7 / Show 8 On Thursday December 17, 2015, Vanessa Carlton took the stage in front of a packed audience at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville, TN for the final date of the year’s “Liberman” Tour. She’ll candidly admit that countless thoughts swirled around in her head—“I was feeling pretty emotional about how far […]

Okilly Dokilly @ Slim’s w/ Beatallica

Door 8 / Show 9 Okilly Dokilly is the world’s only Nedal band. Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, a majority of the band’s lyrics are direct Ned quotes. The band’s members include Head Ned, Red Ned, Thread Ned, Stead Ned and Bled Ned. Established in 2015, the band found success before ever playing their first show, […]

The Bay Beat Vol. 8 – Call Me Ace talks moving to the Bay, his artistic growth Out the Wilderness

Bringing The Bay Beat back with a brand new interview! Benjamin Cohn: Can you introduce yourself for anyone who may not know? Call Me Ace: What’s good everybody! Call Me Ace – I got what you need, check me out! Haha. BC: How long have you been in the Bay Area and what has your […]

The Bay Beat vol. 6: Nef the Pharoah, Berner, NorCal Nick, Galaxy Stoner, Mistah FAB

Going to keep this pretty short because there is a ton of new music this week. But before we get into that, two quick, non-music announcements. 1. Did you see this video of Oakland’s own Marshawn Lynch riding a camel listening to “F*ck It Up” by Richmond’s Tay Way? Also including the NSFW music video. Listen […]

The Bay Beat vol. 5: Young Mix, Rye Mann, Balance, Mal Forte

The Golden State Warriors are the best team in the NBA and Steph Curry’s celebrity is reaching levels that are rare even for the NBA. After an MVP season, Championship and another All-Star game, Curry has made his way into the hip-hop lexicon with a notable reference already by Drake. Chicago’s Lil’ Bibby took it […]

The Bay Beat vol. 4: Grammy Awards, Don Toriano, Outrageous Karina, Antwon

Monday’s 58th annual Grammy Award Show was yet again, one of the biggest events of the year for the Music Industry. Admittedly, neither the Bay Area nor hip-hop have a huge overlap with this event but there were a number of locals that received nominations and a few even took home some trophies! Although not […]

SF City Hall 100th Anniversary Celebtration

Come join us in the 100th birthday celebration of San Francisco’s City Hall!   The public celebration of City Hall’s centennial will take place on Friday, June 19th from 6 pm – 11 pm at Civic Center Plaza.  The event will have live entertainment, featuring local musical talent performing hits from different eras throughout the […]

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